MacOS 10.14 Mojave Outside the US

MacOS 10.14 []("Mojave") comes with a fresh news reader. Unfortunately, only customers in the US and a few other select countries get to actually use it.

If you are unlucky enough to live in bat country (“we can’t stop here”) but still want to take a look, here’s how to enable in Mojave regardless of your region:

  • Open a Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/

  • Run this command: open /Applications/

Congratulations, you’re done! You will probably also want to right-click on the News Icon in the Dock and check Options -> Keep in Dock. That way, you can avoid the procedure in the future.

The only problem: there’s a reason why Apple doesn’t really want to give you the news: they are building a manual editorial process, and are only covering US sources so far. So you’ll only ever read about Trump scandals, not those affecting your country. Unless (and let’s hope not) your country is fucks up on the scale neccessary to attract US coverage.