lighthouse/chromium/alpine/docker image

Run Google’s Lighthouse headless in the background

This image allows you to quickly run lighthouse in a headless container. That’s useful if you want to run it from a CI server, or in the background of your workstation.


From Github

Github URL:

    git clone
    docker build -t lighthouse lighthouse-chromium-alpine-docker

From Docker Hub

Docker Hub URL:

docker pull matthiaswinkelmann/lighthouse-chromium-alpine


Processes within the container cannot easily access the host’s file system. You can either print to STDOUT and redirect to a file, or mount a local folder in the container, as shown here:

Quickstart: Print to STDOUT

docker run lighthouse --output-path=stdout

Saving to file

docker run -v ./output/:/lighthouse/output/ lighthouse --output-path=/lighthouse/output/results.html --save-assets --save-artifacts


docker run lighthouse

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