Autogenerate a Dash Docset with Object Graph and documentation Statistics on Rails Migrate

Jun 13, 2016

These are a few rake tasks that automate my current rails documentation workflow. Specifically, they add:

  • Generating the Object Graph as a dotfile and rendering it with Graphviz
  • Adding a short overview of Documentation Statistics to the documentation index.
  • Generating a docset for Dash from the Yard documentation.

Auto-annotation of Models

This uses the Annotate Models gem. Install the gem as well as the Kramdown gem, run rails g annotate:install and edit the options in lib/tasks/auto_annotate_models.rake to:

  • ```format_markdown’: true

Object Graph

Yard can generate a simple overview of your Model structure as a dotfile. You’ll need graphviz to render it to a png – install it with, i. e. brew install graphviz.

Ignorance is bliss

You will want to add the automatically generated files to .gitignore:



Your documentation/ should include the Object Graph and a placeholder for statistics – it appears that kramdown cannot include a separat markdown file:

# My Documentation

![Object Graph](images/

## Code Statistics
~~~This is autreplaced by the rake task~~~


Running rake doc:dash should generate a Dash Docset in doc/dash. Double-Clicking should add it to Dash. You can hit CMD+R to refresh.


And this is, for example, documentation.rake:

# frozen_string_literal: true
# Let's make sure this doesn't happen in production
if Rails.env.development?
   namespace :doc do
      desc 'Generates the graph of Model Dependencies as a dotfile and renders it with Graphviz.'
      task :graph do
         result = Kernel.system('yard graph > documentation/images/')
         fail(SystemCallError, $CHILD_STATUS.to_s) unless result
         # -x "reduces the Graph", which sounds like a good idea
         # The Size is set to 11 inches width, after which it should grow down
         # if the ratio=compress does what I hope it does
         result = Kernel.system('dot -Tpng -O -x -Gratio=compress -Gsize=11,200 documentation/images/ ')
         fail(SystemCallError, $CHILD_STATUS.to_s) unless result
      desc 'Replaces the Placeholder in with Documentation statistics.'
      task :stats do
         stats = '* ' + %x(yard stats).split("\n").join("\n *")
  'documentation/').gsub(/~~~This is autreplaced by the rake task~~~\n~~~STATS~~~\n/, stats)
      desc 'Runs yard documentation generator.'
      task yard: [:stats, :graph] do
         Kernel.exec('yard doc --markup markdown --markup-provider kramdown --asset documentation/images:images --output-dir doc/yard --readme documentation/
      desc 'Generates dash docset from yard output'
      task dash: :yard do 'doc/yard', docset_name: 'My Docset', docset_output_path: 'doc/dash').run
   # Adds our documentation tasks to db:migrate:*. We only need doc:dash
   # as the others are dependencies
   namespace :db do
      %i(:migrate, :rollback).each do |cmd|
         task cmd do

   namespace cmd do
      %i(:change, :up, :down, :reset, :redo).each do |t|
         task t do

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