Deactivating the Z170N's internal bluetooth in Clover

Welcome! Esteemed google for cryptic phrases! Yes, you can disable the built-in Wifi/Bluetooth adaptor of Z170N/H170N and possibly others. You probably want to do this to let your cough excellent operating system use the USB bluetooth dongle which actually works.

Short version

Add uia_exclude=HS08 to your bootflags.

Longer version

The build-in Intel device has:

  • Device product ID: 0x0a2b
  • Device vendor ID: 0x8087

Go to About this Mac -> System Report -> USB and find the bluetooth device (or any other USB device, actually) you want to deactivate. Click the “Hub” above it and note the location id. Then, open a terminal and run ioreg. You can cut down the amount of content with a search, for example ```ioreg | grep “|HS”. That should give you the HSxx for the USB port your device is plugged in.

Note that disabling the device isn’t (may not) be enough to get another one working. You’ll still need to use something like BrcmPatchRAM.